Me and it. 

It you maybe thinking what is it? Dystonia yes the big it in my life. 

Seven years ago it crept silently  into my life and is going no where fast,  yes it’s here to stay Dystonia is a movement disorder it effects your muscles which spasam and makes your body twist turn nod and shake. Not many people have even heard of it, let alone understand it. I’m like really I have it amongst the fog filling my brain listening to muffled talk as the Neurologist is explaining handing me a leaflet and I’m nodding at her and not of free will. Ok I say then I hear Botox mentioned as the ears prick up and the fog disappears I’m thinking yes a little here and little there great things are looking up, I think I even made a joke out of it oh! great a new face,  looking at a straight faced straight to the point Neurologist this will take place at the out patients department at the Hospital ok I hear myself saying. They will send you an appointment through. 

To be continued. 

the love of shabby chic painting 

Hi I’m a small independent business called maplevintage creations you can follow my page on Facebook 

I love working with vintage pieces of furniture as they are all unique and you can get a real quirky finished result something different than your average modern look and a lot more solid sturdy furniture. 

I like the shabby chic finish as you can really work with it and get a good distressed result and I always finish each peice with a soft clear wax. Sometimes I add a dark wax which enhances some of the distressed work you have put into the furniture. 

I can work with large pieces of furniture to small items all acheive great looks. I also restore and upholster pieces if needed. 

And I also like to be able to leave some original wood which also adds to the look just a bit of stripping back sanding down to bring the wood back to a natural look. 

Victorian nursing chair! 

Today’s  blog page is about a Victorian tapestry nursing chair: 

I brought this chair simply as I liked the tapestry seating work, it also still has all the original real velvet trim and edging cord I must say I was tempted to paint the wood back rest and chair legs to turn it into shabby chic but I decided I would leave this piece in its natural state. 

This is the beauty of mixing Antique with vintage and modern it all goes together using a careful eye. You can create your own unique interior design ideas within your homes, I love going to look round antique shops and places like byegone times you can come across some real finds. And by adding a few cushions it changes the look and doesn’t have to cost you a furtune. 

I have friends that all have their own creative businesses Either making and designing to sell or simply selling vintage and brickerbrak! 

You can find them on Facebook or etsy  here is just a few you can follow: 

maplevintage creations – who gets old tired pieces of furniture bringing them back to life using chalk paint adding distress to the finished one off pieces for the shabby chic look within your home. You can follow that small business on Facebook.
Here are a few more examples of who is out there for getting a taste of creativity: 
The bobbin case – Julia is a seamstress she uses Harris Tweed making bags, purses, key rings and upholstery you can follow her on Facebook 

Welshrarebits – By Annabelle who sells Antique, vintage and all sorts you can follow her on Facebook, eBay and various selling sites: 

Hope you have enjoyed reading this 


Shopping for vintage! 

I love shopping for vintage over time I’ve found lovely vintage clothes shops, and I do have to say I have my favourites. 

The best one I’ve ever found is a shop called  the Looking Glass in a town called Bridgenorth, and I’ll tell you now I could spend a fortune in there.

From 50’s dresses to lovely vintage hats, Welsh wool capes oh! It’s endless and such fun finding your unique outfit. But I also have to tell you don’t rule out Charity Shops you can also come across some vintage finds in there too.

My collection just keeps growing hope you enjoy reading this. Ns. 

Mannequin head’s 

Mannequin head’s are a good way of displaying and also if your a vintage hat collector are great for keeping your hats in good shape. I’ve just started collecting a few and I have to say I prefer the movable heads to just the solid ones. This one has a movable head and is better for displaying and showing off the hats. 

You can also get real vintage one’s but they are quite expensive so I just look for ones that are quite good look alike’s. this is an example:

Vintage 1970’s fur coat!

This blog post  is about collecting real fur jackets/coats.

my passion of collecting fur started from finding one in a charity shop, don’t rule out shopping in charity shops as you can come across some real finds. First check the authentic label,  these will not look like labels today they are sometimes very limited and small in size. The size of the jacket/coat will be in the collar area and will not state SML they will be numbered i.e. 38 or 40 depending on the size

They are also not very clear but you do tend to get the care and cleaning instructions. Today’s labels are more informative with all the materials guide lines.

Here is a full image of the fur coat: